Real time GPS Tracking with Fleet efficiency & Asset Management

InfaGPS Vehicle Tracking

InfaGPS vehicle tracking gives a real-time Cloud based tracking and information system on your entire fleet. GPS modules fitted in your fleet communicate with the ERP solution to enable a whole new dimension in managing your fleet.

We are offering GPS Tracking for School Vehicles, Childerns Tracking, Personal Tracking, Travel Indusries, Government Security, Banking Sectors, Colleges,Complete Ready-Mix Industry Truck Tracking with Dispatch Management & Automation, Employee Tracking,etc..,

Routing & Work Order

InfaGPS route management capabilities allow users to easily manage and optimize stop locations or job assignments in order to achieve a level of efficiency equivalent to their personal business needs. Dispatchers can then push these assignments out to the employee's navigation device.

This detailed information helps improve your business operations by providing valuable insight such as:

  • Multiple Routes of Communication - With InfaGPS there are several ways to relay communication about route changes or important information. This includes by email, text messages and messaging to the administrators.
  • Reliable and Accurate - When communicating via cell phone, information can be lost or misinterpreted but with InfaGPS messaging, messages are relayed accurately avoiding miscommunications or spotty coverage.
  • Timely - Messages are relayed in a timely manner when you can get in touch with your drivers. When in coverage areas, messages can and will be relayed in a timely manner. Long gone are the days in which you had to keep trying to get in touch or interrupting them while on the Travel.
  • View the dashboard in Mobile, Iphone, Android Mobile.
  • All captured and imported directly into the InfaGPS Tracking software for easy access to reviews

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