Real time GPS Tracking with Fleet efficiency & Asset Management

InfaGPS Vehicle Tracking

InfaGPS vehicle tracking gives a real-time Cloud based tracking and information system on your entire fleet. GPS modules fitted in your fleet communicate with the ERP solution to enable a whole new dimension in managing your fleet.

We are offering GPS Tracking for School Vehicles, Childerns Tracking, Personal Tracking, Travel Indusries, Government Security, Banking Sectors, Colleges,Complete Ready-Mix Industry Truck Tracking with Dispatch Management & Automation, Employee Tracking,etc..,

Sensor Monitoring

InfaGPS - Intelligence provides the following real-time “Proof of Service” by monitoring sensors and critical access points on your vehicle:

Through these avenues of communication, important instructions and information about job assignments can be relayed without slowing down or hindering service.

  • Protects your drivers in the case of a customer dispute
  • Verifies that your mobile employees are servicing every job assigned
  • Improves customer satisfaction – peace of mind in knowing your customers have been serviced on time
  • Eliminates unauthorized servicing and deliveries
  • Identifies and eliminates inaccuracies in Billing and Payroll

InfaGPS sensor monitoring to a real-time alert to be notified immediately when the following events occur. Further, generate reports to show:

  • Pump On/Off
  • AC ON /OFF
  • Sound System ON /OFF
  • Battery Level
  • Door Opened/Closed
  • Fuel Level

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